UTI Testing

UTI Testing is designed to detect a urinary tract infection.

We Offer UTI Testing in Houston

Our Houston medical testing center performs UTI Tests.

For insurance patients, a doctors referral is required.

Although not many people are familiar with UTIs, they are highly common, especially among females. A UTI is when bacteria and other microbes grow in the urinary tract. The majority of the time, this leads to inflammation and discomfort. ​

The Urinary Tract is made up of your kidneys, two ureters, the bladder and the urethra. Most UTIs remain in the Lower Urinary Tract, where the symptoms are most common. If you are diagnosed with a UTI, there is no reason to panic. Most of the time, these infections are unharmful and can be easily treated. ​

However, if the infection occurs in your kidneys rather than your Lower Urinary Tract, this could lead to permanent kidney damage. With that in mind, if you experience symptoms of a UTI, it is essential you get tested and treated.

UTI Test Result Timeframe

Our goal at our Houston medical testing center is to have your UTI test results ready for you as quickly as possible with the most accurate results.

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Monday – Saturday

Results within 24 to 48 hours

Urinary Tract Infections: Are they Dangerous?

As UTIs are so common, the majority of people who experience one don’t seek medical help. Instead, they resort to home remedies until the infection subsides. However, there are certain risk factors and complications associated with Urinary Tract infections. 

With that in mind, your best course of action is to seek medical help. Our specialist team has years of experiencing detecting UTIS, among other things. With that in mind, you can trust Auspicious Laboratory with your UTI concerns.

There is a wide range of pathogens that could lead to a UT infection. The most common culprit is E.coli. However, other causes include:

  • Proteus Mirabilis

  • Candida parapsilosis

  • Morganella Moranii

  • And more. 

When you work with Auspicious Laboratory, we can identify the precise pathogen via a UTI ID Panel. What’s more, we offer rapid results so you can treat your UTI imminently.

How Is The UTI Test Performed?

The screening itself is simple and non-invasive. A sample of your urine will be collected and tested, and you’ll receive your results in as little as a day. Urinalysis, Urine Culture, and Susceptibility testing can all detect whether or not you have a UTI. Urine Culture has the ability to not only detect whether a UTI is present but can also identify the precise bacteria or yeast within the urine.​

At Auspicious Laboratory, we offer comprehensive testing to ensure maximum accuracy of results. We go above and beyond the traditional Urine Culture to identify the precise pathogen per patient.

When you work with us, only the necessary screening/testing will be conducted.

Pricing for Your Houston UTI Test

How much does a UTI test cost? Can your insurance cover this cost?​

At Auspicious Labs, we accept insurance. For insurance patients, a doctors referral is required. Depending on your insurance company and the terms they have, the amount they cover may be different. But we see insurance companies cover the entire cost and clients don’t have to pay anything.​

You can also self-pay for your UTI testing. We accept Zelle Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards, and Cash.